The Fine Water Company

Founded in 2021 by Nico Pieterse, a distinguished Water Sommelier and seasoned entrepreneur from Franschhoek, The Fine Water Company stands at the forefront of premium hydration. Nico is one of only a handful of certified water sommeliers globally and one of just two in South Africa, bringing unparalleled expertise and passion to our carefully curated collection. Our fine waters are more than a drink – they are a journey into the world of exceptional taste and wellness. Designed to enhance the flavors of food, wine and cocktails, our range embodies the pinnacle of quality and sophistication, providing substantial benefits for both health and epicurean enjoyment. 

Our Premium Range

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Discover the beauty of fine water with our exceptional range, designed to elevate your dining and drinking experiences. When paired correctly, our premium waters can enhance the flavours of food, wine and cocktails, bringing a new level of sophistication to your table.

Imagine the perfect sip of whisky or brandy, complemented by fine ice that melts slowly, preserving the integrity of your drink and providing a premium experience for the discerning connoisseur.

Nico Pieterse, is an entrepreneur and Certified Water Sommelier, who is passionate about innovation and problem-solving. Originally from Johannesburg, he moved to Franschhoek six years ago. His ventures include founding Silverline Media, co-founding Security Web, launching Gourmet Boerie and Sir Thomas Brewing Company and The Daisy Jones Bar. As one of only two Certified Water Sommeliers in South Africa, Nico founded The Fine Water Company to promote water appreciation and education. He will judge at the global Fine Water Summit in Spain in 2024.

At the epicurean table, water is the unsung hero, quietly supporting the glass of wine and accentuating the flavours of each dish. Our fine waters are not just about taste; they are about wellness and health. Water is essential to life, and our collection offers substantial value, contributing to your overall well-being with every sip. Join us at our tasting venues in Franschoek or Stellenbosch for a journey where water is more than just a drink – it's an experience.